Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Elections - In the Words of Iraq

From Iraqi Humanity:

Today Iraqis did a very nice job & proved that whatever happens, they will stay standing against the evil force.

From neurotic iraqi wife:

Crowds and crowds of people started walking in at 730am on a Friday morning. It was simply beautiful. Families singing and clapping as they made their way through. I cant describe the feelings of jubilation. There were chocolates and sweets being distributed and one family brought in huge pots of rice and mutton and gave it to everyone in the center. Most of all, EYES were exhausted searching in the massive crowds for the marked fingers, frowning if they dont see that mark, The Mark of Freedom......

From An Iraqi's Thoughts:

...people wanted to prove a point that they will no longer be held at gunpoint by these people. My grandmother in her late 70's went out in Baghdad and walked to the polling station for a reason. Not because its the perfect elections, not because she is in love with any of the parties but because for the first time nobody forced her. They went to the polls optionally.

From iraqi4ever:

The history will record how Iraqis challenged even death today; with a turnout of 72% Iraqis showed the other civilized face of this country, showed the world that the culture of kidnapping, beheading and mass killing does not belong to them, they are like the rest of nations willing for democracy, peace and justice...and May the god bless our 36 brave martyrs who knew they might die today but came after all…

From The Mesopotamian:

I bow in respect and awe to the men and women of our people who, armed only with faith and hope are going to the polls under the very real threats of being blown to pieces. These are the real braves; not the miserable creatures of hate who are attacking one of the noblest things that has ever happened to us. Have you ever seen anything like this? Iraq will be O.K. with so many brave people, it will certainly O.K.; I can say no more just now; I am just filled with pride and moved beyond words. People are turning up not only under the present threat to polling stations but also under future threats to themselves and their families; yet they are coming, and keep coming. Behold the Iraqi people; now you know their true metal.

From Healing Iraq:

My mother was in tears watching the scenes from all over the country. Iraqis had voted for peace and for a better future, despite the surrounding madness.

Another surprise was to see some Iraqis who had fled the country in fear of reprisals, such as the families of ex-regime figures and ex-Ba'athists, actually voting and encouraging others to vote! I know some of those from school and college and I imagined they would be bitter about the whole process, but many were not.

From Kurdo's World:

All these fingers are up for you terrorist, anti-democracy, pro-beheading, suicide-bombers, Baathiest, Saddamist and anti-peace people.

In Kurdistan and Iraq now, people check each others index finger, "Oh you have a normal finger ?!! How come it is not blue ?! You are NOT democratic at all"

From Baghdad Dweller:

Say it loud and clear: I am a Sunni, I am an Iraqi and I voted

From Democracy in Iraq (Is Here!)

I have changed the header of my page to reflect the new, improved, democratic Iraq.

What a day it has been. I am very tired, but I am at peace, something I havn't felt in this regard before. I am happy to report that I found very few people during my post-voting trip through Baghdad who had not voted.

From Kurdistan Youngs:

Hi again! The election was successful in SULAIMANI the nicest city of Iraq now today. There wasn't any sense of terror even a bullet! I went for voting and I have voted for KURDISTAN and now I feel comfort...

From Back-to-Iraq.com

“It's the first time for the Iraqis to express their opinions,” her father said. “It's the greatest national eid (holiday) for us.”

“It's the future, in one word,” said Abdel Karim Ahmed, 51, an agent for the Ministry of Trade...

From A star from Mosul:

I didn't vote, neither I will. Why? I'm 16, er. Not old enough to vote, I'm taking advantage of my age, always..

From Iraq the Model:

The first thing we saw this morning on our way to the voting center was a convoy of the Iraqi army vehicles patrolling the street, the soldiers were cheering the people marching towards their voting centers then one of the soldiers chanted "vote for Allawi" less than a hundred meters, the convoy stopped and the captain in charge yelled at the soldier who did that and said:"You're a member of the military institution and you have absolutely no right to support any political entity or interfere with the people's choice. This is Iraq's army, not Allawi's".This was a good sign indeed and the young officer's statement was met by applause from the people on the street.The streets were completely empty except for the Iraqi and the coalition forces ' patrols, and of course kids seizing the chance to play soccer!

We had all kinds of feelings in our minds while we were on our way to the ballot box except one feeling that never came to us, that was fear.We could smell pride in the atmosphere this morning; everyone we saw was holding up his blue tipped finger with broad smiles on the faces while walking out of the center. I couldn't think of a scene more beautiful than that.

And my absolute best, most favorite post on Iraqis and the Iraqi elections, from Life in Baghdad:

I did.

You certainly, did Iraqis. You certainly did. Nothing can take this day away from you. Congratulations.


Blogger Gindy said...

Great job on getting these together in one place. How can you argue with these quotes.

February 1, 2005 at 1:24 PM  
Blogger JimBob said...

To see the words of Iraqi's ... to me as an American .. makes my heart jump with joy..,.many American and coalilition soliders have given their lives for the chance for... Iraqi's to take a chance and trust us to support you .... and I know that was a hard thing to do... but you took the chance and we came through .. So now ITS UP TO YOU ..... We will support you ..till its time for us to come home ..(and we want to come home) ... Lets togeather get rid of the terrorests and then we can embrace as friends... and we can then bring or men and women home and your brave INP and IP will serve and protect the people of Iraq .. and GOD (whow ever you see him as ) be willing...Just another Friend in America

February 1, 2005 at 7:50 PM  
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