Friday, January 28, 2005

"Terrorists' Unprecedented Confessions!"

Thanks to Hammorabi and Al-Fayha Iraqi TV satellite channel we have confessions of terrorists captured after escaping the war in Falluja on their way to Basrah. By the way, they were from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Libya, and other Arab Countries.

Faithful readers will note these confessions confirm our statements in previous posts citing terrorists from other Arab nations posing as "insurgents" in Iraq.

This is the real problem, folks. Not that there are unhappy Iraqis or enough Old Regime people who are willing to kill off any who seek change. The problem is terrorists have an endless supply of "reinforcements" who, to the Western eye are hard to separate from nationalists.

This is what is happening in Iraq, this is what happened in Sudan and other areas of Africa and Asia. This is even happening in Europe. Muslim "seeds" are being planted, and I'm not talking about a natural immigration flow. Muslim-Arab men and families are sent to targeted nations to build themselves into the communities long before things heat up and look like a sudden, provoked "uprising."

The first three confessions:

First: Syria was the point from which the terrorists enter Iraq and in which they gather and organize themselves.

Second: They used Syrian telecommunication while inside Iraq and they used various hotels, hostels, houses and apartments in Damascus. They met inside these places and in the public places in a way which is not difficult for any ordinary Intelligence services to disclose.

Third: The terrorist group financed by the Saudis as well as trained and prepared (brain washed) by Saudis. This brain wash started inside their original countries for some time.

Click on over to
Terrorists' Unprecedented Confessions!
to see more confessions.


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