Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Myth of the Palestinians - Part 2

The Muslim-Arabs never won it, owned it, governed it or, we will come to find out, much lived there.

There were a few Muslim-Arabs in Judah/Palestine through the ages. Not many, but a handful. There were also (and still are) Christian Arabs, Jews who never left, and the Druse. These three groups were the stable ones.

The Muslim-Arabs were not known as Palestinians but as part of the "pan-Arab nation." The entire Middle East at that time was not nations but borderless lands ruled by tribal leaders, with tribes migrating back and forth indiscriminately across nations yet to be named.

The land was mostly empty and considered uninhabitable. The trees had almost all been cut down, the swamps were malarial and deadly. For 400 years the land was owned by the Turks as part of the Ottoman Empire.

As late as 1919, the Arab Congress described the lands (current Arab nations and Israel) as "complete and indivisible whole," meaning they did not recognize any portion as an individual nation, Arab or Jewish.

Also in 1919, the General Syrian Congress asked not to lose the "southern part of Syria, known as Palestine"

Muslim-Arabs didn't start settling there until after Zionism started a few homesteads and villages that created a profit center which drew the nomads to settle down nearby.

Even after Israel became a nation in 1948, Muslim-Arabs were claiming all Arabs were members of a single independent Arab state.

It wasn't until after the Six-Day War in 1967 that the idea, and the news, about an "Arab Palestinian" national presence was created to meet the need for an underdog to gain world sympathy against Israel who apparently could not be beaten by mere men.

Still, as late as 1974, Syria's President Assad claimed: Palestine is not only a part of our Arab homeland, but a basic part of southern Syria.

There has been more talk about "Palestine" since 1967 than there was in the 2000 years, or even the 100 years, before.

What we need to talk about next is where did all these "Palestinians" come from.


Ya'll come back now...


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