Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Myth of the Palestinians - Part 1

The myth that Muslim-Arab Palesinians are descended from generations of Muslim-Arab Palestinians who deserve to inherit the land their forefathers inhabited all these thousands of years is a myth.

It is not only a myth, but the fruit of (possibly) the world's most successful public relatons campaign.

What we have here, is not a failure to communicate but a blistering success in propagandizing away the true past with a designed-to-move-you past that doesn't exist.

The whole idea of Muslim-Arab Palestinians "owning" the land was developed, or "hatched" if you will, as a counter-attack against Zionism once Israel had become a nation land and successfully defended itself against 5 much larger Arab nations who threatened to kill all Jews and wipe it from the map.

It's a rough neighborhood.

After Jews purchased the land from the Turks, redeemed it from (virtually uninhabited) desert and treeless swamp, was awarded it by Balfour and the U.N., and defended it from not the local Muslim-Arabs, but the threats of surrounding Muslim-Arab nations, some of those who couldn't believe the lost - again - got wise and took their case to the media.

Of course, the truth wouldn't fly so they had to rewrite history a little to come up with a compelling case.

This has been going on so long now that we have generations who haven't lived in a world where the truth is reported in the mainstream media or most history books. That's really sad.

There is no way to understand the current conflict in Israel without understanding how we got here, and that info is rare and hard to find, unless you are looking for it.

To give you a start, it was called Palestina by the Romans supposedly to offend Jews by naming it after the Philistines (who only held the area a few decades) and wipe out any memory of its Jewish history. The Jews had been there over a thousand years before Christ.

Didn't you ever wonder why the name "Palestine" never occurred in the Old or New Testaments? Bob's your uncle.

Seven centuries after Jerusalem fell, the Arabs did dominate the area - for about 22 years. Fini. That was 1370 years ago.

Even then, historians have traditionally described Palestine as "Judea" and by the way it was never a nation, just a loose area of administrative subdivisions with no border, no frontier. It was never an independent nation, and that's why you can't find a book on 1,000 years of Palestine or Palestine Heads of State Through the Ages. They don't exist.

Tomorrow... Part 2.


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