Thursday, December 23, 2004

War Happens

It breaks my heart to see the the things people are going through in Iraq, D.R. Congo, Gaza, other places where people are under attack. Yes, war happens.

So let's talk about Iraq.

Right now there are battles going on, but they are not between the defending Iraqis and the occupying soldiers. They are between those who don't want peace to come to the land and those who do.

Peace is a very powerful word. The Hebrew word for "peace" is "shalom" which I take to mean something akin to "wholeness: nothing missing, nothing broken." This is a much greater concept than our western idea of peace, which we see more as not bothered, undisturbed, left alone. In comparison, our western version is "wimp" and watered down. I like the Hebrew idea: whole, encompassing everything that makes one whole, nothing missing, nothing broken. That's the peace I want to see. All the parts in place and working.

I found a very illuminating entry by "Aunt Najma" the pseudonym for a 16-year-old girl writing from Mosul, Iraq (see sidebar: A star from Mosul), posted on the Words From Iraq forum (see sidebar). The post I'm referring to is here:

Najma broke the insurgents down into four categories. Roughly (these are my words, not hers):

1. The Jihadis, resisting a foreign occupation under the direction of a religious order, who will attack the occupation forces only but supposedly not Iraqi police, army or civilians.

2. The just plain criminals released in large numbers on a regular basis by Saddam Husein who have no reason for being or way to make a living other than rob, kill and kidnap. These sometimes form into gangs and will attack anyone who is an easy target.

3. The displaced old regime workers, the The Ba'athis, the Fedayeen and some of the soldiers of the old Iraqi army. These are sometimes formed into groups as Resistance, and will attack anything "new regime," including Iraqi police, army and civilians.

4. The mercenaries, funded by other nations, whose aim is to cultivate the climate of terror, distrust and chaos, to undermine any real progress by driving out the professionals, and to destroy the infrastructure. Anything, really, that will prevent real progress from happening.

Now the sum of all four of these groups is supposedly 5% or less of the total population of Iraq, meaning up to 95% are either in favor of or willing to cooperate with the establishment of a democratic government. But as you see, there are a lot of different groups working against Iraq and against setting up a democratic government. This makes it harded to win, when there are so many fighting, and from different motives.

This also puts a lot of people attacking the people of Iraq. According to Najma, all but the Jihadis might attack Iraqis. My guess is that the Jihadis sometimes attack Iraqis when they judge them "collaborating" with the occupying forces, and this is a HUGE problem because the occupying armies are working to build roads, hospitals, schools, etc. and need collaboration to be effective.

I disagree with Najma on several points (but admire her tremendously), the most notable point being that she sees the mercenaries (she calls them "vandals" and then later updates that to "sabateurs"), the paid disruptive forces funded from other nations, as primarily from America, Israel, Iran and Kuwait. My guess is they are primarily from Iran, Syria and Kuwait, then other nations who have a vested interest in holding Iraq back. America wants Iraq stable, and Israel needs their soldiers and money more at home (besides they would benefit more from a stable Iraq too).

All these are fighting for instability in Iraq, all these are fighting for democracy to fail, all these are willing to kill Iraqis, if that is what it takes, to keep peace from coming to the land.

My heart goes out to the Najmas, whether mother, father, child, brother, aunt, etc. Those who are open to a new regime are being bludgeoned away from it by the 5% or less who want anything but peace. The biggest threat I see is not the Jihadis but the mercanaries. This looks like a replay of what has happened in Israel, but that's another post.

In the meantime, say a prayer for Iraq.


Blogger fasteddie said...

umm so 5% of the population is what? 1,200,000? Where did you get your figures? We have less then 200,000 troops there...

Okay my point, they don't want peace? Or they want power? They want the U.S. out. It was admitted by the pentagon that they've lost the mind's of the people, with out belief that the U.S. wants what is best for them, and continued violence all around, what chance is there for this to succeed?

December 24, 2004 at 2:48 AM  
Blogger fasteddie said...

okay read the girl in Iraqs post, you and me are outside looking in, they are living there. The key, if you noticed, is the little saying: brother and brother against my cousin, brother and cousin against the stranger.

the Sunnis and Shias are tribul rivals, but cousins compare to soldiers from the U.S. This peaceful girl is telling you the Iraq mindset, Saddam's out of the picture now they want us, the U.S. out too. Anyway I really love the internet, and I like meeting intellectually curious people like you, but your last statement is based on what? Do you don't have the facts they are mostly mercenaries? The Sunnis have the most to lose with a true democratic government. where they were a minority that ruled, now they will be a minority with out a voice. For example, it's like if the Republicans here were 75% percent of the U.S population, what would be the point of even going to the polls if you are a democrat, you have no chance of your canidate winning, no voice in how things are done.

anyway Merry Christmas. From Seattle.

December 24, 2004 at 3:14 AM  
Blogger Daniel Miles said...

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

What war(?) are people supposedly fighting if it is written: "he is our peace" (our shalom) already? Pretty damn "childish" if ya ask me, especially if God said: let us make "man" (not child), and "his witness unto all men" said: "be no more children". Grow up people!

A "Salvation" Army with a "war" cry? Not in my Bible!

Interesting thing is how he got to be our peace. Bible says he abolished the law, the enmity, our only enemy.

The "grace" of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles

December 24, 2004 at 8:08 PM  
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